Dance It Out

My baby brother went to his first high school formal last night. I can’t believe it. I feel old. lol My mom and I went to see him and his friends off in the limo and took lots of pictures.

He informed me that they played “Tearing Up My Heart” at the dance.


He said everyone was dancing and singing along.

eta: He also says they played “My Love” and if they played more Justin he doesn’t remember. They played hip hop and techno most of the time. Bah.

11:51am – AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My brother is singing TUMH right now.

11:55am – This just gets better and better. He said they had two video screens up and they were playing some of the videos along with the songs. Yeah they played the video.

And I’m now at playing the song cause my brother already had it stuck in his head. hehe

Some asshole stole my car!

My mom saw it yesterday around 2:30pm and when Loud Guy left today at 1:30pm it was gone. I’ve called the police and filed a report, an officer has come out to see me to finish filling out said report. I have talked to my insurance agent and to my claim adjuster. I have called my dad, step-mom and brother and told them my car was stolen. I still need to call my sister. I was told to not touch my car if I find it. It will need to be CSIed and whatnot. I can dream that Nick and Greg are coming to do the job, right? lol If I see the car with someone driving it, I am to call 911 asap. If it’s on the street, I call the non-emergency number. I can get reimbursed for the clothes that were in my car, but not for the books, my Furby or my Cabbage Patch baby doll (that I have had since forever and will cry over since it’s probably gone for good) or anything else in the car that I can’t think of.

I couldn’t have just gotten hit by the idiots going around slashing tires the other week? No I had to get the genius’ who want to get into hell so badly they steal a car parked in the parking lot of a CHURCH! There is a special place in hell for people like that.

Bah. Just when I thought my luck was changing because I had a good job interview the other day. Bye bye job. Hello living in a box.

pasta salad and garlic bread

Pasta, lettuce, turkey, peppercini’s and tomatoes in an oriental mayo dressing.

And garlic bread! I can’t remember what type of bread I used. Either potato or country white, I think. I put some butter and garlic powder on one side of the bread then put it butter side down in a skillet. I flipped it over to check that it was toasting the way I liked and sprinkled on some parmesean cheese, then flipped it back over so the cheese melted.

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever is starting on the SciFi channel and I’m watching it. I’ve never seen it before and I know I’m going to have to mute the tv and look away during that part with the leg. The starting credit’s are playing and flies are buzzing around and it’s freaking me out. lol I’d never watch this movie at night. I’m too freaked out to do that from what I’ve heard about it. I’m such a scaredy cat.

eta 4:29pm – Ack! She’s in the bath tub!

::mutes tv::

eta 4:37pm – Why the hell would you continue to shave your legs if you know THAT is going to happen.

sandwich and pasta salad

I love sandwiches! And pasta!

Toasted white bread, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, peppercini’s, turkey and probably a little salad dressing (basalmic something or other) on the lettuce.

Shell pasta in a dressing made of mayo, mustard and pepper. Also what looks like some lettuce, tomato and peppercini’s mixed in.