the Internet rules all!

25 Signs That Computers and the Internet Rule Your Life

  1. You can’t remember the last time you wrote an entire paragraph using a pen and paper.
  2. You consider Internet a basic utility.
  3. Between your Internet and your TV, you would rather lose your TV.
  4. Between your Internet and your phoneline, you would rather lose your phoneline.
  5. The Internet IS your phoneline.
  6. You carry a flash drive in your purse or pocket.
  7. You carry a laptop with you wherever you go-or you wish you could.
  8. You have a callous on your right wrist, where you rest your hand when you use your mouse.
  9. Your “diary” is not protected with a lock and key, but with a username and password – and it is open to be read by anybody in the world.
  10. You’ve joined an online forum and regularly post messages on it.
  11. You are – or have been – a member of a Yahoo group.
  12. You’ve watched 1,500 orange-clad prisoners dancing “Thriller” on YouTube.
  13. You know the meaning of the word “google” – and if you don’t, you simply Google it.
  14. When you hear the word “spam,” you don’t think of food.
  15. You’ve bought and sold things on eBay.
  16. You’ve had an online love affair.
  17. Half your friends only know you by your username.
  18. The other half know your real name AND your username.
  19. You’ve mastered computing the time in several different time zones because of all those online meetings you schedule with your Internet friends.
  20. You no longer buy greeting cards; you get them free online and send them through email.
  21. You no longer buy newspapers; your morning news is regularly sent to your inbox.
  22. You no longer buy calendars; you use the one in your email reader or taskbar.
  23. If your wall clock suddenly disappeared, you wouldn’t miss it very much either.
  24. You don’t keep pictures of your kids in your wallet, but you set them as your wallpaper and screen saver.
  25. You need a computer to view your children’s photos.

Dawn of the Dead

I love Dawn of the Dead in a way that cannot be normal! I just don’t know the reason why. lol

Ana: What are we gonna do about that truck?
CJ: We’re not gonna do anything about that truck!
Ana: There’s people in there!
CJ: Yeah, and how do you know they’re not all fucked up like everybody else out there?
Ana: Well, for one thing, they’re driving a truck.
Ana: Oh, and shooting guns.


That Nicole chick drives me nuts though. Forget the damn dog!

Oh and I’m talking about the remake, not the original. If you couldn’t tell.


I’m back from seeing Hairspray!

Everyone needs to go see this! And if Lance Bass plays Corny Collins with as much enthusiasm as James Marsden, he is going to be awesome. There were a bunch of times where I could totally see Lance saying that line and whatnot.

Zac Efron is over 18 years old, yes? He has pretty eyes. Wowza. lol

I thought there was going to be more going on with us winners from the radio station, but basically we just went over to the table they had set up, I gave the guy my name and that was it. No wristband, no nothing. He didn’t even count how many people I had brought with me, which was 2 since I couldn’t find a 3rd person. They had some ‘Hairspray’ tshirts, posters and soundtracks on the table and I didn’t think to ask if they were free, but the guy didn’t offer me any of them either. I’m pretty sure he was just an intern and he looked bored as hell to be there. When we go out of the movie, the table was gone and so were the people from the radio station. Also, the theater wasn’t even half full so either a lot of winners didn’t show up or they didn’t give away many tickets. I saw the list when the guy crossed my name off and there was 2 pages of names and the amount crossed off didn’t seem like many.

The movie was really funny. Though we were a small audience, everyone was laughing and clapping.

We saw previews for Rush Hour 3, The Golden Compass and I think there was one more, but I can’t remember what for. The Golden Compass has polar bears (Lost), pirates (whooo Captain Jack), people flying on brooms (Harry Potter), and has a Lord of the Rings feel. bwahahahaha. My sister says there are no elves though, but I bet I could find somebody who resembles one enough. There’s a little kid in it, so that counts to me. 😛

You Can’t Stop The Beat

HOLY COW! I got a call a few hours ago from the local pop station telling me I won to be on the guest list for the premiere of Hairspray on Thursday night at the theater in Riverbank. WOOOO! No wait, let me add some more OOO’s to that. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

It’s for me and 3 guests and we have to be there at 11:30pm and the movie starts at midnight. I’m trying to convince my brother to go. My sister is going to give up sleep to go as she usually is in bed by the time the movie will start since she leaves for work at 6am. lol And I emailed my sister-in-law to see if she wants to go.

I love the movie theater the premiere is at because they have the lounger seats where the arm rests go up and you can lounge back. Woot!

SF Pride 2007

I went to the Pride parade in San Francisco this weekend. It was lots of fun and I got to hang out with friends I haven’t seen in a while. I meant to leave for San Leandro (to pick up my friend Kennedy) at 9:30am, but didn’t get out the door until 10am. I stopped at Starbuck’s for some caffeine and got to her place a little after 11am. We took BART to SF and met up with my friend Lori Beth (who drove up from LA) and her friend Katrina. As the parade ended we met up with our friend Cat and walked around the celebration area, where Katrina proceeded to stop tons of hunky boys and ask if she could take their picture. Around 5:30pm we met up with another friend, N, and walked down to the Westfield mall for dinner. I got a sandwich (sooo fancy huh? lol) and lemonade at a place that I don’t know the name of and a double chocolate eclair at Beard Papa Sweets Cafe. The eclair was sooooooooooooo good. I really only picked the sandwich place because it was close to our table and I was tired of walking. lol

After eating and lots of talking and laughing we left the mall and decided to go to the Buena Vista (an Irish Coffee shop). We decided to take the trolley up there and went across the street to get in line. Cat left us at that point because I believe she said she had an early day. Katrina asked the trolley man if we were on the correct trolley (as one of them lets you off right across the street from the place) and he said yes. Then we got to the end of the line and there was no coffee place/bar. He says to walk so many blocks this-a-way, turn right and then go so many more blocks. Bah. It took us a bit to find the place, but we finally did. We had a waitress with a grouchy attitude though. Afterwards we took a cab to a BART station and got there in record time. The driver was cool and played good music, though I’m sure he thought we were crazy laughing and talking about this and that and occasionally waving at people in the car’s next to us. We went our seperate ways at that point. N went back in the cab while the rest of us went into the BART station. Lori Beth and Katrina got on one train while Kennedy and I got on the next. I stayed over at Kennedy’s since it was late. We went to sleep about 3am, got up around 11am and hung around her place chatting until I left at 7pm.

I got back around 8:30pm, after stopping at Subway to pick up a sandwich and at Starbucks where I got a Tazo Passion Shaken Iced Tea & Lemonade. I’d never gotten one before, but it was really really good! I knew there was no way I’d be able to stand up and make myself something for dinner so I dealt with hobbling into Subway. lol Luckily I was able to go through the drive-thru for the Tea/Lemonade. I’ve been taking Tylenol 8-hour, but it hasn’t helped with the pain in my calves. I had my mom get me her old cane to help me. It would be easier if I could walk on my heel. Mostly I’ve been dragging myself around, only when absolutely necessary. We walked sooooooo much. lol My calves are aching and kills me to walk. I also have a huge blister on the heel of my left foot. I’m talking larger than a quarter. I’m also sunburned. Two funky stripes on my arms, my upper chest area (damn v-neck tshirts), and some of my face.

I took tons of pictures. You can find them here.