Blogging Challenge Day 23 – What’s on your phone?

23. What’s on your phone?

This one is a bit hard to do right now since my phone went out of commission (aka the battery won’t charge). But from memory these are the apps I have on the phone…

Angry Birds: original, Seasons and Rio
Barcode Scanner
Solitaire City
Whale Trail Frenzy
10 Pin Shuffle
Wheres My Droid
Amazon Kindle
Sleep Bot
Paper Toss
Lookout Security
Google Voice
Smooth Calendar
Touch Pool
Screen Capture
Grocery Smarts
Rapid Repost

And here are the apps I have on my tablet…

Angry Birds Go
Crossy Road
Google Play Music
Hay Day
Google Calendar

Some of the apps I have on my phone, I also have on the tablet, like the security stuff, Kindle and Google Voice, but if I only mentioned it in the tablet section it’s just on the tablet.

Blogging Challenge Day 22 – 10 Likes and Dislikes

22. 10 Likes and Dislikes


1. Dark Chocolate

2. Marshmallows

3. Finding a cousin connection while working on my family tree.

4. Babies (not that I have any or have any around me, but yes)

5. Good food. Something that makes you make ummmm noises ala Sally in “When Harry Met Sally”.

6. Getting a great night’s sleep.

7. Discovering new music through a commercial. I’m currently enjoying that Renegades song by X Ambassadors in the new Jeep commercial.

8. When summer shows (or shows with short seasons) come back. Like The Walking Dead and Under the Dome.

9. Finding great deals at a store. Whether it’s for food at the grocery store, household/personal stuff at the drug store or wherever, if I can save money I am all for it.

10. When my favorite songs come on the radio right when I need to hear them the most.




1. SPOILERS! I’m more crazy about it than most people I think. I don’t want to know someone is leaving a show, I don’t want to hear a character died, etc. Even if those things don’t happen for 6 more episodes, I don’t want advanced notice. I like to find out as it happens on the show. As of typing this (at 3:30pm on 4/24 and yup I’m late with this post) I have not yet seen last night’s “Grey’s Anatomy”, but thanks to the news and what someone said on Facebook, I kind of/sort of know what happened or at least could make huge guesses. The news was more of a hint since I saw a second of a specific scene. I hate that. The episode didn’t even air 24 hours ago and in this day and age with DVR’s I don’t think most people watch night time television live anymore, so why are they spoiling people? If this was around when television first came out and you either saw the episode or you didn’t, then I get talking about it hours later. I can’t even watch Jimmy Kimmel’s show on Thursday’s since he seems to have a “Scandal” actor on it every week and they talk about the episode. Ok, this turned into a mini-rant. lol Oops.

2. Rude/loud people. Mini-rant part 2! I think these kind of go hand in hand. I live with someone (my mom’s boyfriend) who is incredibly rude and incredibly loud. He thinks he is neither of these things, but he is. I couldn’t even say which is worse, but they are both really bad. I can be in the living room and he can be in his room with the door shut and I can still hear him talking. He does not know how to speak in an indoor voice. Add to that how rude he is and it’s just crazy. When out and about if my mom needs to get from the street/parking lot onto the sidewalk in front of a store aka go up on the curb, she usually needs support, someone to hold her hand to help her. Does he do this? HE DOES NOT. He just keeps on walking, even with her asking for help. If he suggests something for him and my mom to do and she says she can’t because it’s too much walking, she’s afraid of falling asleep, etc he gets mad at her for ruining things. Um… try suggesting something she can do instead of asking her over and over about things you know she can’t do. UGH.

3. Having trouble falling asleep. You know where you lay in bed awake for hours and the morning comes too soon? Yeah, hate those.

4. How much I procrastinate on things.

5. Bad drivers. People who switch lanes likes crazy and people who don’t use their blinkers to be specific.

6. People who make promises and don’t keep them. If you make plans with me, I expect you to keep them.

7. When radio stations cut off the beginning or ending of songs with their talking or a commercial.

8. Sending someone an email and it takes days for them to reply, if I get a response at all.

9. Working on a project, stopping to get a snack, go to the bathroom, something really quick and when you come back you’re concentration is totally gone and you can’t get back into that great zone you were in.

10. Pinterest pins that take you to the main page of a site (instead of the actual post) or to a picture. What good is pinning a recipe if all you give me is a picture?

Blogging Challenge Day 21 – What’s on your bucket list?

21. What’s on your bucket list?

  • Visit the towns/countries of my ancestors (various places in Ireland, England, Russia, Poland and many of the US states).
  • Visit all 50 states.
  • Visit Italy, Greece, Asia and Australia.
  • Meet a penguin.
  • See a tornado in person. Maybe chase it.
  • Road trip around the USA.
  • Play slots in Las Vegas and win at least $500.

Blogging Challenge Day 19 – What would you tell your teenage self?

19. What would you tell your teenage self?

I would definitely tell my teenage self that I am not as fat as I thought I was. I weighed 135 in 7th grade, which yeah wasn’t thin, but I wasn’t extremely overweight like I am now. But I had family members telling me I needed to lose weight and that I was fat and to not eat so much and all that stuff that can hurt a young girl’s self esteem. Yes, I did need to lose weight, but I was believing I was way heavier than I really was. I would also say to not try and “mother hen” my siblings, especially my brother, as much as I did. He was born when I 10 and I was taking care of him from pretty much the beginning while my parents were working or my mom was doing housework or something, so I got used to be being motherly towards him.