Lilla Rose

Beautiful Mess: Lilla Rose Review

Back towards the beginning of May I entered some giveaway’s on Party Plan Divas, a website for direct sales reps. One of those giveaway’s was for a $50 shopping spree to Lilla Rose through rep Kathleen Coffee. And I won!

It took me a couple weeks, but I finally picked my items and received them a couple weeks ago. I got a set of Bobby Pins, a set of You-Pins, a small and a medium Flexi Clip.

Beautiful Mess: Lilla Rose Review

And they are having a Buy 3, Get 1 free special (you have to go through the rep to receive it) and I picked the Lovely Circle Emerald design (it’s a Medium sized Flexi).

Beautiful Mess: Lilla Rose Review

I also filmed and uploaded a video about my items on Youtube. Take a look and give a thumbs up when you do.

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Back in February I wrote down a bunch of changes that I wanted to make to the site. I’m going to be merging some of the current categories into each other and then turning them into pages? tags? I haven’t decided on that yet. In March I decided on more changes, including changing the categories, turning some tags into categories and a new header (which makes sense since I’m changing the categories).

After writing down the type of changes I wanted to make, I never actually did any of them. The mojo had hit to write down what I wanted to change, but not the mojo to actually work on the site. Though from that point on when I made new posts, I used the new categories and tags. Now I’m starting to go through all the old posts and change the categories for them and adding their tags. That will probably take some time. I won’t be removing the old categories until all of the posts from them are in their new category though. And most of the old categories will become tags so if you go looking for an old post, it should be fairly easy to find.

My goal is to have a good amount of the changes completed by the end of the weekend. No reason to do it so quickly except I want to get it done. What are your plans for the weekend?