*NSYNC Challenge Day 28 – Besides a reunion…

28. Besides a reunion, what do you think each *NSYNCer should be doing?

A reunion is always the main goal in my mind (though I know by now that the chances of it happening are growing less and less), but I think most of them are doing what they should be doing. However…

JC needs to release another album. There was talks of one almost 10 years ago and demo songs (“You Ruined Me” and “Until Yesterday“) were leaked and they were incredible, but nothing ever became of the album.

Lance needs to release an album. There was talk of it a couple years ago and then nothing happened. He did release a single, “Walking On Air” last year though.

JT is doing what he should be, music and movies.

Chris is… well Chris. lol

Joey is with his family and I know his does tv stuff here and there and I think he’s good at it.


*NSYNC Challenge Day 27 – Funniest *NSYNC moment?

27. Funniest *NSYNC moment?

It’s not just a moment, it’s an entire DVD.

The Reel *NSYNC DVD of course.

Beautiful Mess: The Reel *NSYNC


Someone uploaded the entire DVD, in sections, over on youtube.

If you haven’t heard about this, Joey shot 99% of this footage. Unless he was in the scene, he shot it. Most was shot in Germany in 1997. It’s hilarious. In one part they gorge themselves on Pixie Sticks, then go running around an airport due to the sugar rush. In another they go running around an airport lip syncing. There are a lot of airport shenanigans. Just go watch it.