pasta salad and garlic bread

Pasta, lettuce, turkey, peppercini’s and tomatoes in an oriental mayo dressing.

And garlic bread! I can’t remember what type of bread I used. Either potato or country white, I think. I put some butter and garlic powder on one side of the bread then put it butter side down in a skillet. I flipped it over to check that it was toasting the way I liked and sprinkled on some parmesean cheese, then flipped it back over so the cheese melted.

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever is starting on the SciFi channel and I’m watching it. I’ve never seen it before and I know I’m going to have to mute the tv and look away during that part with the leg. The starting credit’s are playing and flies are buzzing around and it’s freaking me out. lol I’d never watch this movie at night. I’m too freaked out to do that from what I’ve heard about it. I’m such a scaredy cat.

eta 4:29pm – Ack! She’s in the bath tub!

::mutes tv::

eta 4:37pm – Why the hell would you continue to shave your legs if you know THAT is going to happen.