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Zoya Mystery Mini Trio and More Review

Beautiful Mess: February Zoya Review - Mystery Mini Trio

About a month ago Zoya had a special where if you ordered 3 full size bottles you got 3 mystery mini shades for free and just paid $15 for shipping. That was a really good deal. But then they said if purchased $25 in products, you got the mystery trio and free shipping. That was an even better deal. So I did that and got 6 full size bottles, plus the mini trio for $27.

Beautiful Mess: February Zoya Review including Mystery Mini Trio

Beautiful Mess: February Zoya Review including Mystery Mini Trio

Starting with my left hand pinky finger… Anais. It’s black, basic black with very little sparkle. Not a bad color, just “plain”. It was one of the mystery trio colors, but to buy it in a full size bottle for $9? It’s just plain. Getting a .99¢ bottle of Wet N Wild in black would be just as good.

Next is a gold (Severine) in the mini trio. and I really like it, which is surprising since i’m not usually a fan of gold, jewelry, the color, etc. I think it would look good as the tip on French Tip nails.

The third color in the trio is like a beige (Charlotte). It’s just beige. nothing really special about it. If you work in an office where you have to keep your nail polish tame, this would work perfect.

Next is Prim. Purple-ish blue, blue-ish purple, depending on how the light hits it. I don’t know how else to describe it. Lol I love it.

Thumb is Happi. A pink with gold glitter, very small glitter pieces. I like it.

Beautiful Mess: February Zoya Review including Mystery Mini Trio

Right hand thumb is Giovanna, a teal/greenish color. I like it. I haven’t looked in my basket of polish to compare what I bought to what iI already had, but I think this may be similar to something I already own. Maybe an NYC or LA Colors? I don’t know. I didn’t think to compare what I wanted to buy with what I already had before placing the order. lol

Next nail is very similar to the style of what is on my left thumb, except that it’s a light purple (Zara) instead of pink. Same gold glitter though. Again, I really like it.

Next is Lola… well I love the color in the bottle, but on my nail? It’s still the same bright pink color, but no shine. It’s not a matte color, but it’s more flat? I don’t know how else to describe it. I have another Zoya polish that does the same thing. I guess I need to figure out which polishes of theirs do this so I don’t get them. Or find a way to make them shine. I can’t remember if adding top coat will change it or not. This polish is also supposed to be a duo-chrome, but I don’t see it.

Ring finger, right hand. Trixie. Silver. OMG love it. It’s like I took a silver sharpie and colored my nail. I really, really like it. Like the gold, it would look great as tips.

Beautiful Mess: February Zoya Review including Mystery Mini Trio

All nails got 2 coats of polish and that was pretty good. My left thumb and right hand index finger could have used another coat as well as my ring finger on my left hand. Middle finger, right hand could have used another coat as well, it looks streaky with just 2. Or it could be looking that way because of the way the polish looks once it dries? (the flat thing) when i normally do my nails I do 3 coats, but since i was just doing swatches (and it’s my first time doing them) I just did 2 coats. I have another 10 bottles to swatch and i’ll do 3 coats then.

When I did my review on the colors, I did voice recordings so that I could just transcribe them later because it was late at night, but I wanted to do it while my thoughts were fresh in my head. Originally I wasn’t going to post the recordings, like I said it was just for me to use to transcribe what I thought about the colors and whatnot. But then I thought what the heck and so here they are should you wish to listen to me ramble.

Upload Music Files – Listen Audio Files – Zoya Swatch Review part 1Music Hosting – Listen Audio – Zoya Swatch Review part 2

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Happy Happy Joy Joy! My #Zoya order has arrived! Swatches coming soon.

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My First Beauty Box Subscription

Beautiful Mess: Walmart Beauty Box

I signed up for Walmart’s Beauty Box the other night. At about 2:30am. lol Unlike most subscription boxes, this one you only get 4 times a year (one for each season). And at $5 a box it’s a really good price for my budget and income. I’ve considered signing up for other boxes in the past, but have heard iffy things about Birchbox and Ipsy. Such as having to sign up for a year’s subscription with paying in full at the time you sign up instead of just getting one box and then choosing to get the next one, not being able to state you don’t want certain products, etc. Like for me, I don’t want/need hair products. I use what I use and I don’t want hair masks or whatever. And since Walmart’s box is (obviously) from Walmart, the products I get will be more everyday type products and if I want to buy the full size they will be more affordable. At least that’s what reviews have said.

Since I signed up during their “winter” period, I will be getting that box within the next couple weeks. I’ll put up a review once I receive it. Maybe an unboxing vlog? Haven’t decided on that yet.

I’ve been watching some unboxing vlogs over the past week, which is what made me want to finally sign up for one. I saw one for Meme Box and I’d love to get that particular box, but it’s is sold out. Which is what I also like about Memebox. You can pick which box you want, when you want it. You don’t know exactly what is inside, but they tell you what the theme of the box is. So at some point I’d love to get one of their boxes.

Anyone else signed up for a Walmart Beauty Box? Do you like/dislike them? Got another inexpensive box service I should try? Let me know in the comments.

Dotting Tool Nail Art


I posted a picture on Instagram a few weeks ago, but didn’t make a post, that I’d gotten a set of dotting tools (finally! lol) along with some other items. I’ve used the dotting tools once already and my nails came out ok. I took pictures, but never posted them. Why? I actually just forgot. But here are those pictures…

Beautiful Mess: Nail Art - January 2015

And here is my second attempt.

I started off with 3 coats of Zoya Cole.
ready to dot nails

I let it dry and then starting placing dots with Zoya Renee.

Zoya Cole with dots of Renee

After those dots dried, I started again with LA Colors Atomic, then added NYC Empire State Blue. Lastly I added very small dots with LA Colors Black.

Lots O' Dots

Lotta Dots

After it dried I tried getting creative and added some Pixie Dust polish from Zoya, but it doesn’t really look right over the dots. You can see some on my middle finger in the corner on my left hand and on my ring finger on my right hand.

I did not go with a pattern, just a random effect. I’m still getting used to using them, obviously. I thought they would be so simple to use, but either I am just dumb on these or I don’t know. lol I used the largest size ball for the pink dots and some are not that big at all. I think I need to find the right amount of polish to put on the paper I am dotting the tools into versus the type of pressure to put them on my nail.

Colors Used

I’ll have plenty more nail art posts coming within the next few months because I recently bought 17 bottles of polish! The first 9 were from Zoya’s Mystery Shades promotion where I got 6 full size polishes plus 3 mystery shades in a mini trio for $27 and the other 8 are a mystery box from Christina at Adventures in Polishland through a post on her Facebook page and includes 6 full size polishes and 2 mini polishes. I cannot wait to see the mini trio from Zoya and what I get from Christina! Polish-palooza!

The Zoya order is still pending shipment (even though I placed it on the 14th). I think it’s because of how many orders they received. My order info shows the trio on back order and the status itself says “Pending Stock Availability”. The mystery box started its journey to me yesterday!

So what do you think? Got any dotting tool tips for me? Leave a comment!

new nail art – coming soon!

Tried some more nail art using my new dotting tools and these colors. More pictures coming tomorrow, but for now I’m heading to bed. #nailart

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