New Nail Art Supplies

Born Pretty Store had a Black Friday special where you could buy a $10 gift card for $2. So for $7.63 ($5.63 was my order total + the $2 for the gc) I got $15.63 worth of stuff. And I finally got the nail stamping stuff I’d been wanting to try.

Beautiful Mess: Born Pretty Store Order


I got 3 small brushes to use for cleaning off polish. I might end up using one of them for painting though (like art painting on paper/canvas). I picked out 8 stamping plates, a stamper & scraper, a mystery bag and a holder for the stamping plates. The picture for the holder shows both the round and octagon shaped plates and while the round ones go in easily, it takes a bit of pushing to get the octagon ones in.

Beautiful Mess: Born Pretty Store - Entire Order

Beautiful Mess: Born Pretty Store - Round Plates

Round Plates

Beautiful Mess: Born Pretty Store - Octagon Plates

Octagon Plates

Beautiful Mess: Born Pretty Store - Plate Holder

Plate Holder

Beautiful Mess: Born Pretty Store - Stamper and Brushes

Stamper, Scraper and Brushes

Beautiful Mess: Born Pretty Store - Mystery

items from mystery pack

I haven’t had a chance to use my new supplies yet, but I should get a chance within the next week. There will be a post about it or at least pics on Instagram.

Want to get some stamping supplies of your own? Just follow this link. And if you use code BPSQ10 you’ll get 10% off your purchase.

Unilever Dry Spray VoxBox

I was chosen to receive a free full size bottle of Dry Spray made by Unilever and provided by Influenster in a VoxBox. I didn’t know which brand or scent I was getting until I received and opened the box. As you can see from the photo below I received a bottle of Degree MotionSense in the Fresh Energy scent.

Beautiful Mess: Unilever Dry Spray VoxBox from Influenster


A few months ago I had received a coupon for a free bottle of dry spray from Walmart’s Beauty Box subscription service and chose the Dove spray in… well I can’t remember the name, but I like the scent on that one. This Fresh Energy scent? Not so much. It’s way too citrus-y for me. Luckily the scent only seems to last a few minutes and then fades away. The product states it has 48 hour protection. I don’t know about 48 hours since I have been using it every day, but it seems to work when I need it and that’s most important. It also doesn’t leave any kind of residue when you spray it on.

*In case you missed it, I got this bottle of Degree Dry Spray in exchange for an honest review.

My Ancestry Wish List

Just a few of the things on my ancestry wish list.
Beautiful Mess: Ancestry Wishes

Some other things I’d really like would be…

Documentation confirming what years my great-grandparents arrived in America.

Reasons why certain parents stayed behind while others came to America. I’m pretty sure the reason is that they were just too old to make the trip, but confirmation is good. And I want their names!

Not just spit from my great-grandmother’s, but the great-grandfather’s too.

4th great-grandfather on my dad’s side… what are your parents names and the names of your siblings? You’re Irish so I know there has to be some!

Pictures! I know it wasn’t as common, especially if you didn’t have the money, but I’d love to see what my great-great-grandparents looked like.

Oh and the names of my great-great-grandparents (on my mom’s side). There is speculation as to what their names were, but no documents to prove anything.
I may be asking for a bit too much though, huh? lol

Here’s a current screen cap from my tree. I’m in pretty much the middle of the bottom row (with the pink) and it goes on up to my great-grandparents at the top. Plus any other spouses one had, which is what the 3 pink silhouette’s are. That would be ex or current at the time of their death, not like a multiple wives at once kind of way. Now that would be a big family tree!

Beautiful Mess: Family Tree
@Regrann from @ancestry – If you’re paying a visit to Santa this weekend, go ahead and add these items to your wish list—it’s really not asking too much.
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