Beautiful Mess: Just Me

Hi. I’m Julie, 35, single and living in Northern California. I love arts/crafts. I like to scrapbooking (digital and paper), make jewelry, felt monsters, sock monkey’s, pillows, baking, cooking, card making and whatever else comes along that I think looks interesting. I love to listen to music (pop and country mostly), read (mystery/suspense, romance/chick-lit), watch tv and movies, and hanging out with friends.

Name: Julie
Nickname: Jules
Birthday: May 24, 1979
Zodiac sign: Gemini
Ancestry: Poland, Russia, Sweden, Ireland and England. I am truly a mixed breed human.
Birthplace: Dearborn Heights, MI
Current town: Stockton, CA

Internet usage/web design:

I have been using the internet for the past 20-something years (omg that makes me feel old) and started designing my own websites over 12 years ago. Starting with AOL’s Easy Designer, then moving on to Geocities and finally my own domain (which has now closed due to the cost). I have experience (ranging from beginner’s to advanced) using Fantastico, CPanel, HTML coding, WordPress, Blogger, Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop CS3.


A few years ago I began experimenting in different arts and crafts. I have an etsy shop and blog. I make jewelry, sock monkey’s, felt monsters and cell phone charms in my spare time. I also paint and draw (mostly abstract and mixed media).


Food: a really good turkey, avocado and swiss sandwich from Togo’s, chicken and pasta, Chinese food (i love potstickers!)

Drinks: Midori Sours, Strawberry Daiquiri’s, Lemonade, Cherry Lime-Aid, Cherry 7-Up.

Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. Why? Cause it has the word “Lance” in it. haha

TV Shows: Criminal Minds, CSI, Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, 2 Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory.

Music: Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Mandy Moore, *NSYNC, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, New Kids on the Block.

Colors: baby blue, lavender, pale green, hot pink, black

Movies: Final Destination (all of them), Fast and the Furious (all of them), Mean Girls, How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, On The Line, House of Wax, Simply Irresistible, No Strings Attached.

Sports: The only time I really watch sports is during college basketball season to watch the Kentucky Wildcats. Most specifically during the NCAA tournament. I’ll also watch the Wildcats for their college football games, but not as much as I watch the basketball games. And I’ll watch surfing competitions too. Or at least a few heats here and there.

Want to know anything else about me? Ask.

What’s in my purse?

Purse is from Avon (Butler Bag)

I pretty much always have the same things in my purse, no matter which one I’m using.

Of course there’s my wallet, which is actually a clutch. Then I have my cell phones. I currently carry 2 around with me. One is for calls only. The other is my old smartphone (a Samsung Captivate) and I use it for the calculator, to play games, an mp3 player and if I’m in a free wifi area the internet and texting.

2 tubes of lip balm/chapstick. 1 is from Avon (Care Deeply with Aloe) and the other a lime & coconut flavor that I bought off someone on Copious (I can’t remember who). There’s also a tube of Juice Gems by Mark in Cherry Pop and a tube of Mentha Lip Shine in Vanilla Mint from Bath & Body Works. Lastly for the lips is a tube of Cover Girl NatureLuxe in #210 Thistle Chardon.

Then there’s a pair of tweezers, a whistle (I keep it in there to use in an emergency, but it’s so deep in a pocket I probably wouldn’t be able to reach it in time), 3 or 4 pens, a mini file folder that I use to hold coupons, receipts and notes), a packet of tissue, a few cough drops, a travel size bottle of PS I Love You lotion and travel size Zombie Squad Marshmallow hand santizer (both from Bath & Body Works), a small mirror, some random pills (Ibuprofen, Tramadol and Aleve. all OTC or my Rx), a pack of gum, a thingy of tic tacs and then pieces of random mail.

And people ask why I like having such a large purse. lol

Past websites I’ve had.

All but the first are currently closed.

Jewel Productions – resume

Do Your Thing – *NSYNC site. Started out on AOL Easy Designer back in 2000. Former name was It’s Gonna Be Me. Changed when I got the domain.

Still On Your Side – clique. For people who would always be by their friends/partners side.

Fallen – fanlisting for the movie, On The Line.

Ready To Fall – fanlisting for country singer, Meredith Edwards.

That Girl (Will Never Be Mine) – fanlisting for the song “That Girl (Will Never Be Mine)” by *NSYNC.

Up Against The Wall – slash recs.

Buffy’s World – The first site I ever made. Way back in 1995. I made it with AOL’s Personal Page program. It was an all links site. The link will take you to the site via the Wayback Machine. Step into the late 90’s! I’m just sad all the gif’s I had used didn’t transfer over to the archive. One of them made it though! Hi Homer!


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