What if?

Stuff got me thinking about my weight and how I got to be the size that I am now so I found a BMI calculator online to see just how heavy I really was (or wasn’t) when I was a teen. Turns out I wasn’t as fat as I was told and thought. I weighed 135 pounds in the 6th/7th grade and thought I was very overweight. I was told I was fat and to stop eating so much, but at the same time, that same person said I had to finish EVERYTHING on my plate each night at dinner. So the BMI calculator said that at age 13 and at a height of 5’2″, 135 pounds put me at the beginning of the “overweight” range of the BMI scale. Had I lost 12 pounds I would have been in the “normal” range.

It makes me wonder how different my current weight would be had I been told that I wasn’t fat instead of being lead to believe I was this huge, gross thing. And it’s not like me thinking this made me just sit inside and stuff my face all day. I rode my bike or walked to and from school just about every day, which was just under a mile away. I played outside with my siblings, friends and neighborhood kids. We moved the summer between my 7th and 8th grade years of school and I lost 10 pounds in the weeks leading up to us moving into our house because I went to the pool at the apartment complex every day. 8th grade started and I, again, walked to and from school, then to friends houses, back and forth, etc. Yes, I ate junk food, what kid/teen doesn’t, but I was also moving around a lot and yet I still gained weight. So maybe I’d be the same, but I still wonder what if.

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