It’s Finally Happening!

I’m not even sure how long ago I posted interest in getting a planner. Well as the headline tells you, it’s finally happening!

Beautiful Mess: Happy Planner Gold Dot MAMBI

I had know I didn’t want a planner that couldn’t be customized (meaning I couldn’t add pages, dashboards, etc), so that left out Erin Condren, Plum Paper Planner, or anything of that sort. And I didn’t want to just use a basic calendar (either the type you hang on the wall or the pocketbook types) either because I wanted more than just monthly/weekly pages. I really liked the idea of a disc bounc planner like the Arc system from Staples, but not the cost of the Arc punch (which runs about $43).

Well just under a month ago I found out that Blitsy was having a sale on disc bound planners from Create 365 and Me & My Big Ideas (also known as MAMBI). The planners are normally sold for $24.99 and Blitsy had them on sale for $4.99! I bought the Gold Dot one. The reason the planner was so cheap is because their planners come dated for a length of 18 months and the one’s on sale were from June 2015 – December 2016. I’ll still get about 10 months use out of the included inserts and I’m planning to use the pages for past dates as scrap paper so it won’t be a total waste. Plus I want to add in my own stuff (social media trackers, stuff for my JIC business, etc). Besides the planner, I also bought a pack of Paper Card Sleeves. Not quite sure what I’m doing with them yet, but I’ll think of something.

MAMBI also released their own punch for their planners and they are just like the Arc punch, cost $30 and available for purchase at I got a gift card to Michaels a few years ago for Christmas and decided now was the time to spend it, so I bought the punch, plus some other stuff to help feed my planner addiction.

Stuff like…

Recollections Fabric Tape – Polka Dot
Create 365 The Happy Planner Paper Punch
Recollections Glitter Alphabet Stickers, Block style, in both purple and pink
Recollections Round Corners Craft Punch (I like those rounded corners!)
Artist’s Loft Fundamentals Pearlescent Watercolor Pan Set

I used a 40% off coupon code for the planner punch, a 30% off (I think) coupon code for the stickers and a third coupon code to bring the shipping down to $1.95 (instead of $7.95), for a total of $25 in savings.

Everything was ordered on February 20th and my order from Michael’s arrived on February 26th while the planner and card sleeves are expected to be delivered today.

I can’t wait to open that planner and start using it. I have been checking the tracking every day to see if it decided to show up earlier. lol Oh and I plan to do a review on the planner and punch after I use it all for a bit.

Are you using a disc bound planner? Leave a comment letting me know how you like it and any tips you’d like to share about using it, decorating it, etc.

*Some of these links are affiliate links and will earn me a small commission should you make a purchase.

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