My Ancestry Wish List

Just a few of the things on my ancestry wish list.
Beautiful Mess: Ancestry Wishes

Some other things I’d really like would be…

Documentation confirming what years my great-grandparents arrived in America.

Reasons why certain parents stayed behind while others came to America. I’m pretty sure the reason is that they were just too old to make the trip, but confirmation is good. And I want their names!

Not just spit from my great-grandmother’s, but the great-grandfather’s too.

4th great-grandfather on my dad’s side… what are your parents names and the names of your siblings? You’re Irish so I know there has to be some!

Pictures! I know it wasn’t as common, especially if you didn’t have the money, but I’d love to see what my great-great-grandparents looked like.

Oh and the names of my great-great-grandparents (on my mom’s side). There is speculation as to what their names were, but no documents to prove anything.
I may be asking for a bit too much though, huh? lol

Here’s a current screen cap from my tree. I’m in pretty much the middle of the bottom row (with the pink) and it goes on up to my great-grandparents at the top. Plus any other spouses one had, which is what the 3 pink silhouette’s are. That would be ex or current at the time of their death, not like a multiple wives at once kind of way. Now that would be a big family tree!

Beautiful Mess: Family Tree
@Regrann from @ancestry – If you’re paying a visit to Santa this weekend, go ahead and add these items to your wish list—it’s really not asking too much.
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