How are you?

Hello! Once again I have only posted Instagram posts for the past bajillion (or 1 1/2 months). I am sorry, but then again I’m not. I mean, do you really want a daily post of me saying “I woke up, I played facebook games, I read my newsfeed and email, I ate lunch, I watched tv, played those facebook games again, ate dinner, watched more tv, watched youtube, went to sleep.”? Probably not, but here’s what has been going on.

I’ve been sleeping like crap lately and I’m not sure why. I’m doing the same night routine I’ve been doing for almost 6 months. I’m tired when I go to bed, but I’ll just lay there awake with my brain running at a million miles a minute. Then I keep waking up randomly. Sometimes I fall back asleep quickly, sometimes it takes 15-30 minutes. Sometimes I get woken up when my mom’s boyfriend comes home from work because the windows in my room are right by the front door and he doesn’t understand the fact it’s very early in the morning (either 4:30 or 7 depending on his work schedule) and that slamming the door shut isn’t the best thing to do. Or if the door slamming doesn’t wake me up, it could be him yelling about whatever. He has no indoor voice, just loud/yelling/shouting. Sometimes I can fall back asleep after that, sometimes not. 3 times in the past 2 weeks I was up and out of bed before 8am. Ideally I like getting up at 10, but sometimes I sleep till noon if I was kept up to long after the yelling, but I could fall back asleep. So exciting huh?

Back in March I had said that I was no longer going to the wound clinic because my leg had healed up. Well I realized I never posted after that in June that I had to start going again (and having a home care nurse come out). I think it was due to the weather getting warmer and I started getting some wounds on my left leg, which I never had an issue with before and really confused me. So I called the PA at the clinic and started getting that leg wrapped. A month or so later some issues reappeared with my right leg so they started wrapping that one up too. The right leg is now 98% healed and the left is about 94%. So I think I’ll be finished soon. Then again when my left leg was about 99% healed, new issues appeared. It’s really tricky because the way my legs get wrapped can cause new issues to appear and it’s not something that can really be helped. Like when the nurse wraps them up the wrapping are in a position they won’t do any harm, but they can slip and move sometimes and my skin can get caught between the overlapping bandages and create a new issue (kind of like a blood blister, but way worse).

So other than going to the wound clinic (which is currently once a week) and then going to the grocery store twice a month I don’t really leave the house. Oh how exciting my life is! lol

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