*NSYNC Challenge Day 25 – Have you met any of them?

25. Have you met any of them?

Yes I have!

I met Lance in 2007 at his book signing in San Francisco.

Beautiful Mess: Lance Bass and I

I have no idea why I am making that face. lol I don’t think I was ready for the picture to be taken. I don’t remember what I said to Lance, but I know I could barely talk I was so excited. Girls after me in line were asking for a hug and I do remember wishing I had been further back so that I would have been more comfortable asking for one too. Like once a few girls did, almost every one after was like “I want a hug too!”

There was also an earthquake that night in SF. It was during the signing and the group of people who already had their books signed had to move back a few feet and during that time it felt like the ground moved (just very, very slightly) and I thought it was because there were so many people moving at the same time. Nobody said anything during it either, but afterwards my friend and I were still in the book store and another employee came in and we overheard him asking if they had felt the earthquake. So I was in my first earthquake with Lance Bass! lol

I’ve also met JC twice.

Beautiful Mess: JC and I

At the end of January in 2004, I won 2 passes to meet JC at the radio station for 107.9 The End in Sacramento. You had to call in and be a certain number caller and then answer some questions. So I called in, I was the right number caller and I had to answer 3 questions. I was so sure there’d be something I couldn’t answer. Question #1, what’s JC’s middle name? #2, true or false, JC is adopted. #3, multiple choice, how tall is JC? 5’8″, 5’9″, or 5’10”? I got all 3 answers correct and promptly started freaking out in my head. The answers are Scott, true and 5’10” for those who don’t know. So the dj was talking and I just kept saying “oh my god!” I remember that I sounded really really funny on the radio freaking out and stuff. Or not freaking out since I mostly just said “oh my god”.

So at the actual meet thingy, it was for JC to promote his new album “Schizophrenic”. He played the album for us, we got a demo cd with some of the songs, we got autographs and pictures taken, and we ate pizza (though that was before JC came into the room). Also, JC got up on the table and danced for a minute, then he laid down on the table and said we were all staying the night. lol I don’t think any of us would have minded that for one minute.

Later that month is when JC’s album was actually getting released and he was having a cd release signing at the Tower Records on Sunset in LA. It was decided the night I met him at the radio station that I was going to the cd signing. A friend and I drove down there the afternoon of the night before the release. We had friends waiting in line already when we arrived at Tower (and they’d made sure to tell the people before and after them that they had 2 friends coming later so that nobody thought we were jumping in last minute), so we were very close to the beginning of the line. At midnight we got to buy the cd and with it we got a wristband that got us into the cd signing. The signing was the next day around 4pm. We went through the line and JC called me honey. Or rather my camera (it was a disposable one) wasn’t taking the picture because I had not wound it to the next setting right and JC was all “you gotta wind it honey”. lol Go me. Earlier that day we saw a taping of Ryan Secrest’s short lived talk show (JC was on it). The next day we went to a taping of Sharon Osbourne’s talk show, which JC was also on. Are you seeing the theme here? lol That night we went to see Tony Lucca perform. There were a few other performers that night, including Tim Jones. Tony was on the MMC with JC and friends who lived in LA turned me onto Tim’s music (though that show was the first time I’d actually heard him sing, they’d been talking about him for a while).

I in a kinda sorta, not really way I have also met Joey. In 2003 I went to *NSYNC’s Challenge for the Children event in Florida and was hanging around outside the club of the first VIP event. Joey was leaving, sitting in the car with the window down and I waved by and him and he waved back.

I think all my chattiness today makes up for the shorter posts on other days of this challenge. 🙂

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