*NSYNC Challenge Day 12 – *NSYNC merchandise you still own

12. *NSYNC merchandise you still own.

Minus cd’s, some posters and my Lance and JC bobbleheads, I have no idea what else I have left. I had collected a TON of stuff over the years, all sentimental to me because I am such a fan of the group. However when I had to move out of my apartment a couple years ago I was forced to throw most of it away. I was told it was stupid and dumb for me to keep these things that meant so much to me. This was coming from the person who had unopened Wheaties boxes from the 80’s (I think) because of whoever was on the box. I wish I had held my ground more. Not just because of how much all of the things I was forced to throw away meant to me, but because of how much money it all cost me. The only thing that wasn’t thrown away were the 2 *NSYNC Fan Girl Barbies I had, that my step-mom thought she could sell at a¬†garage sale. They are still being sold on eBay, so a lot of money was lost if I had wanted to keep the items then (which I did) and sell them at a later time.

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