*NSYNC 31 Day Challenge

Today officially kicks off my birthday month (I shall refrain from doing that whole “It’s Gonna Be May thing again lol), so I’m filling it with all of my favorite things. And one of those things is *NSYNC! So I’ll be doing a 31 day challenge dedicated to them. I’ve also got some other birthday surprises planned, so be sure to check back in (or just follow me on Bloglovin’) because you don’t want to miss out.


Beautiful Mess: 31 Day *NSYNC Challenge



1. When and how did I become a fan?

The year was 1998. I was in college and living on campus, but I’d go home for a weekend here and there. One of those times my sister was in her room listening to *NSYNC and I was out in the living room. Up until that point I’d never heard of *NSYNC and was a small BSB fan, but I needed to know who was singing at that moment! So I was introduced to *NSYNC and have never looked back!

Ok, that was cheesy, but it’s true. I heard them and became a total *NSYNC fan that day.

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