Blogging Challenge Day 29 – Show off your work area

29. Show off your work area.

My workspace is small, which is probably good since otherwise it would even be more cluttered and full of random things.

I work on the couch with my laptop on a tv tray. That’s my mom’s laptop on the right. Our coffee table is full of various things, but mostly photo albums with random papers scattered about. Directly behind my laptop all the way against that back wall is a printer, but that box and laundry basket is blocking your view of it.

Beautiful Mess: Workspace


Then on the left side of me is my 2nd tv tray and work stuff area. Beneath my tablet are the 2 Walmart Beauty Boxes I’ve received (Winter and Spring). I filmed an unboxing for both videos the other day and am hoping to have it uploaded to youtube very soon (possibly today!) The rest of that gray tub is filled with a couple notebooks and mail I need to keep nearby. I always keep my 28 ounce mug of ice water nearby. There are some pencils and a pen on that table too, along with some meds and my Fool Me or Fool Me Not candle. In the gray tub on the table there are coupons (we just got a whole stack of them in the mail yesterday, business cards, Sharpies, more mail, charging cords, and some other stuff I can’t remember.

Beautiful Mess: Workspace

I forgot to take a picture of what is to the right of me. The middle seat on our sofa folds down and has a table with 2 cupholders. We keep it down so my mom and I each have another cupholder. We keep more pens and pencils in a cupholder, napkins, facial tissue on the table too. Underneath I keep my pill box, a bunch of notebooks (I have at least 4 notebooks around me since I use each for a different topic), a monthly calendar/planner and some magazines.

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