Blogging Challenge Day 26 – You’ve won $1,000,000, what do you do with it?

26. You’ve won $1,000,000, what do you do with it?

Right off the bat I would pay off any debt.

Then, it would kind of depend on where I was in life. If I already had a home I loved, I wouldn’t need a new one though maybe I would renovate some rooms. If not, then I’d buy my dream house (and hope it didn’t cost the entire amount left) or buy a fixer upper and really get everything I want. Can you hire the Property Brothers to be your realtor & contractor without being on the show?

If I needed a better car, I’d hope to get that too. Maybe not a brand new car, but at least something newer than what I currently had.

And then I think I’d definitely need a vacation after all that house renovating happened.

Depending on the amount I had left I would buy something for my mom. I wouldn’t have enough to buy her a new house, but maybe pay off some of her bills or take her on vacation or something else “big” for her.

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