Blogging Challenge Day 24 – Favorite foods?

24. Favorite foods?

Oh where do I even begin?


a Santa Fe Chicken Salad from Togo’s

a #24 Turkey & Avocado sandwich with swiss cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles and double peppercini’s from Togo’s

pasta (pretty much made any way. in a casserole, buttered, with chicken & alfredo sauce, in a noodle kugel, mac n cheese, in this incredible dish I got my mom to make the other night)

swiss cheese

toast with butter and cinnamon sugar (I haven’t had this in forever, but I just thought of it and now I want it!)

S’mores PopTarts (the only kind I eat)

my mom’s meatloaf

cheesecake (take me to The Cheesecake Factory and I’m in heaven)

Tell me in the comments what some of your favorite foods are!

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