Blogging Challenge Day 17 – What makes you laugh?

17. What makes you laugh?

Comedy genre movies, sitcoms, Ellen, some late night talk show monologues, stuff like that.

My mom’s boyfriend hates it when I watch anything comical because it makes me laugh. He does not get anything funny. ┬áHe does not like jokes, but when he makes a “joke” he thinks it’s the best thing ever and mostly it’s just rude and not funny at all. For April Fools Day my mom put a leek in their bathroom sink and when he went in there he got all mad and yelling “what the heck is this?” and my mom said “oh yeah, forgot to tell you about the leak in the sink”. haha Get it? Well he comes out yelling “NO WHAT IS THIS?” He didn’t get it at all and when we explained it, he said it was stupid and yelled some other rude things. So yeah.

Anyway, this post was not supposed to be about him having no sense of humor, but yeah I love watching comedies and laughing. I couldn’t image not having laughter in my life.

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