Blogging Challenge Day 11 – Places You’d Like To Visit.

11. Places you’d like to visit.

So many places!

Ireland, England, Russia, Poland… I have ancestors from all of these places and I’d love to visit the towns they were¬†from. Some of my ancestors in England from way, way, way back lived in castles, which are still standing today. Or at least partially standing.

Other foreign countries I’d also like to visit are Canada, Greece, Italy, New Zealand and Australia. I’ve actually been to Canada before, to Windsor (it’s close to Detroit). I’d like to see¬†Vancouver and Montreal.

In the US, I’d like to someday be able to say that I’ve been to all 50 states. And I don’t mean just being in the airport during a layover for some of them. I don’t have it already written/typed out, but I could probably find at least one place I’d like to visit in every state. Maybe I will do a post on that one day. What do you think?

Places I’ve been, but want to go back to are Las Vegas, Michigan (I want to see the houses I lived in, other families homes and to do genealogy research) and Lexington, KY (I used to live here too and haven’t been back in 21 years). There could be more, but those are the 3 that popped into my head right away.

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