Blogging Challenge Day 8 – Do You Have a Hobby?

8. Do you have a hobby?

So I got my #SSSVEDA video done earlier today (uh… yesterday) and totally forgot about the blog. I figured it would happen at some point during the month, but not this early in. Oops.

Ok, so hobbies. What truly classifies something as a hobby? If it’s just something I enjoy doing, this post will never end. But for things that are not those things I like collecting those little Winnie-the-Pooh plushies. Actually, I don’t even know if they make them anymore, but you used to find them all the time at the Disney Store near that big pile of plushies they would have at the back. I especially liked the Pooh ones where he was in either a cute outfit or decked out for the holidays or just ya know, a Tuesday.

Beautiful Mess: Hobbies

The Pooh’s in the picture above were not taken by me, but I do have the one in the cow jammies. I mean, how can you NOT want a Winnie-the-Pooh plush wearing cow pajamas? lol I actually have not gotten a new one in more than a few years because I just didn’t have the room for them to be on display. Like an ode to Pooh.

I also like faeries and collect figurines of them. My sister got me the one (it’s an Amy Brown one) below for Christmas in 2009. And I also have a couple that I got from a Dollar Tree. I know, totally different in price, but some of the ones at DT are painted really well and I liked the design of them. I also have a magnet with faeries on it.

Beautiful Mess: Hobbies


Lastly there are the piggies. I don’t have any pictures of them, but I collect pigs. Figurines, wall plaques, whatever. One of my favorite teachers loved pigs and since she was a favorite teacher of mine I guess her love of them rubbed off on me. I have a metal wall plaque and 2 wooden cut-outs that I hang in my kitchen. Well not my current kitchen, but there were in my kitchen when I lived alone. Then I had some other piggie figurines I kept on my shelves in the living room.

That’s it for hobbies on things I collect. Like I said if I counted hobbies for things I like to do, it would be a really long post.

What kind of hobbies do you enjoy? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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