Blogging Challenge Day 6 – Pet Peeves

6. Pet Peeves.

Beautiful Mess: Pet Peeves

Oh where do I begin? So many things tick me off. lol

  • I’ll start with something simple. People who do not use their blinkers. WHY? They are there for a reason. Not that everyone who uses them does it correctly. I mean I’m sure it’s fun to turn on your blinker 10 minutes before you actually want to make that turn, but UGH.
  • People who post on facebook (or any social media) that they’ve donated to charity. Why do they feel the need to tell everyone they’ve donated? Oh because they want people to pat them on the back for it. Because they only did it to post about it and be recognized as a “good person”. I know there are exceptions for that, but I’ve seen people on my facebook feed post things like “I just donated to charity! Yeah me!”. They weren’t even specific about which one, which also just makes me think they said it just to get the pats on the back without actually donating.
  • People who post selfies and say they look horrible and of course that then prompts everyone to reply about how terrific they look.
  • People who go to Starbucks/any coffee place and order no less than 3 drink’s and get impatient when they are not ready in less than 5 seconds. Or people who are waiting in line to place their order playing with their phone the whole time instead of figuring out what they want to drink, thus holding up the line even longer.
  • This is a personal one for me. People who make promises and don’t keep them. If you make plans with me, I expect you to keep them. I get that things can come up, but waiting until I call to tell you I’m on my way to pick you up to tell me you don’t want to go is not acceptable. And yes, that’s happened to me.
  • Links that don’t automatically open in a new window. Blogger’s, why would you want to drive people away from your site???  Having a link open in the same window does exactly that! I try and just automatically do the whole “right-click, open in new tab” thing when i’m clicking a link, but sometimes I just click it and if it starts opening in a new window I might not go back to your site. Though it kind of depends. I mean, if I’ve visited your site before and you normally have links automatically open in a new window and you just happened to miss adding in that extra bit of code for this one link? I’ll probably forgive you. If you’re a new (to me) site and it happens? I more than likely say bye bye bye.
  • Another one having to do with blogger’s is when they don’t resize their pictures correctly. It looks HORRIBLE and yes I will think less of you as a person. How do they not realize it doesn’t look right?

So what are some of your pet peeve’s? Share any of mine? Let me know in the comments!

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