Blogging Challenge Day 5 – Last Book I Read

5. The last book you read.

The last book I read was “From Out of the Storm” by C.S. Crook.

In the story Lilly is a married woman with 2 small kids who fears for her life. She takes her kids and runs, landing in West Texas on a cotton farm where the other workers became family. Tragedy strikes and she leaves Texas to head West to California. Two of the hottest bachelors in town both fall in love with her and she has some trouble deciding between them while still recovering (and hiding) from her husband and the tragedy that had earlier happened.

If you like romance stories, you’ll probably like this book. I thought it was really good.┬áThe author is the mother of someone I know and I believe this is her first book, but even without knowing who the author is, I still would have chosen to read it.

I used to be such a book nerd and read all the time, but lately it’s been horrible. I read this book 10 months ago and I used to read 2 books a months, so that shows how bad my reading habits have been lately. I don’t know why, but my concentration is in a deep dive so when I read now it takes forever to finish a story and I think because I used to be so quick in reading that this dive frustrates me even more and so I don’t even bother reading. And gee was that a run on sentence or what?

I hope you are having a good weekend and a Happy Passover, Easter, Sunday or whatever you choose it to be.

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