Blogging Challenge Day 4 – Zodiac Sign

4. What is your zodiac sign and does it fit you?

I’m a Gemini and yeah I think it does pretty much fit me.

Restless? check

Gossipy? Nosy? yup and yup. lol But I am not these things to the point that if I can’t get the gossip I go into a rage or anything.

Irritable? Yeah. I get moody a lot, especially when I’m trying to work on something or deeply engrossed in a tv show and I get interrupted.


Beautiful Mess: Gemini


This¬†website¬†shows some positive traits of a Gemini as being adjustable, versatile, enthusiastic, witty & humorous and intellectual and I think I fit these pretty well. Along with giving negative traits like a lack of decision making skills, which is true it can take me some time to make a decision about something. Even as simple as picking out what tv dinner to eat. lol It also says Gemini’s can have lack of direction and get bored easily. That is sort of true for me. I don’t feel like I get bored easily, but if I’m deeply working on something and someone distracts me I might lose my concentration and it’s hard to get it back.


Beautiful Mess: Gemini

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