Blogging Challenge Day 3 – My Daily Routine

3. Daily routine.

I usually get up around 11am, but it could also be as early as 10 or as late as noon or 1. I get Insomnia some nights and it takes me forever to fall asleep, so I end up sleeping in late.

Once I’m up and dressed, I’ll get a cup of coffee, sit on the couch and fire up my laptop. I check my email accounts, deleting or replying as needed. Then I’ll check Facebook for notifications. If I had scheduled anything to post (like a post on my blog, on Youtube or my JIC Facebook business page) I check to make sure it actually did post. Then since I’m already on Facebook, I might play a game. There’s a few that I play even though I hate how all the game posts fill my newsfeed/timeline.

Depending on what is on my schedule/check list for the day, I might need to make some phone calls so I’ll get those done, making notes along the way on how they went. Or didn’t go if I had to leave a message. Also depending on the day I may need to create some new ads for JIC, though I tend to work on those later in the evening because that is when I feel more awake and creative. I’ll work on all the other little projects I have during the day too (JIC, Genealogy/my Family Tree, blogs and vlogs). Check my facebook feed, play more games, maybe check for new leaf hints and DNA matches if I haven’t done so in a few days.

After that first cup of coffee, I sometimes have a second, but not often. I have water afterward, icy cold ice water. Sometimes I’ll throw in a few slices of lime and sometimes I’ll use a packet of drink mix. When I was in the hospital last year I got a big 28 ounce water mug and I use it all the time, but if I’m going to have a drink mix, I’ll put the water into a separate bottle so that it doesn’t stain and flavor my big mug. (I’m weird like that.) I eat when I’m hungry.

Oh and all throughout the day I usually have the tv on. I’m such a tv junkie. lol

I go to bed somewhere between 2:30 and 3am, maybe a little later some nights. I think the reason is because I feel more awake starting around 10pm, so of course I’m not tired at a more normal time.

And that is my normal day.

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