Finally an Update

I’ve been posting about this and that, but it’s all been reviews, Instagram posts or “coming soon” posts for reviews so I thought I’d finally post about me again. Hope that’s ok! ūüėČ I mean I just went back to¬†check and the last post I made that wasn’t one of the above was in October!

First thing is that I am finally free from the wound clinic and having a home care nurse come out! For almost 2 months my leg had been healed, but I was still having it re-wrapped every other day.¬†The doctor was worried that without my leg being wrapped, the issue would return. Finally she agreed for me to just keep an eye on it and to call the PA if it returns or any kind of issues show up. So it’s been unwrapped for just over a month now. At first it was¬†so weird. I’d been walking around with one foot/leg bandaged up for so long I¬†was feeling like a baby deer learning to walk for the first time. lol By now I’m used to walking with by legs unwrapped, but I’m starting to have heel pain¬†and it’s the same leg I had the other issues on. Ugh. When I first put my heel down or on anything, it feels like it’s being pricked by a bunch of needles or like I’m setting it down on a rock. So yeah for that. :/

About a month ago (yeah that’s when I started a draft on this post lol), my brother came over to take my mom out to lunch for Valentine’s Day and ended up inviting me along too. We went to BJ’s Brewhouse. Whoever thought up that name… I giggle every time because apparently I’m 12. We had a good time, then he had to head back home because he worked that night. If you missed it on Instagram, here’s the¬†selfie my brother and I took.

Beautiful Mess: Siblings Selfie


The day before (which happened to be Valentine’s Day)¬†I was¬†the featured Diva for Spotlight Saturday over on the Party Plan Diva’s website. You can check out my interview here. PPD is a website/community for women in direct sales looking for help in boosting their sales, training on home parties, etc. So if you have a ds business, you might want to check it out. If you purchase anything (like a planner or sample supplies), I’d love it if you could use my affiliate link.

More recently, nothing new has really been going on. Well maybe a few things, but I’m saving those for another post.

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