Branch Chain Amino Acids

BCAAs (also known as Branch Chain Amino Acids) are the building blocks of protein. Used to support muscle growth and similar to protein powders, BCAA’s are found in foods containing proteins, with the highest concentrations in chicken, beef, salmon, eggs, and whey protein. You can also take them as supplements, which is useful for athletes because they will just bypass the liver and go straight into the blood stream.

So are BCAAs worth it? Well many people who consume a threshold dose of essential amino acids that contain BCAAs with every meal have less visceral belly fat and more muscle mass. And in many healthy people, BCAAs improve glucose uptake and insulin sensativity. They also play an important role in muscle and energy production during exercise, which is why they are often used during workouts.

Should you take them? That’s up to you to decide, though you should talk to your doctor before starting any new dietary treatment.

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