Bokeh-ish Nail Art

Beautiful Mess: Bokeh Nail Art


After seeing cutepolish’s video for Bokeh Nail Art I decided to try it myself. They didn’t come out exactly the same, but I was already sure it wouldn’t because I used white nail polish instead of paint and q-tips instead of makeup sponges.


Beautiful Mess: Bokeh Nail Art


Just like in cutepolish’s video I painted my nails white (I did 2 coats) then used a q-tip to dap on spots of color randomly around the nail. I just used the polish brush to put a drop on the q-tip. You can see from the picture above I used one side for the green and the other side for both the purple and the blue. The 2 colors didn’t blend together at all because it got soaked up kind of fast. You can also see that I dapped a bit of the excess off onto the paper. After putting on the different colors I put some of the white polish onto the paper, put the end of another q-tip into some water and diluted the polish it a bit. Then I dabbed the watered down white polish on top here and there around the nail.


Here’s a comparison shot between her outcome and mine.  My “bubbles” didn’t come out as bubbles because of using a q-tip instead of a paint brush, but I think it came out good.


Beautiful Mess: Bokeh Nail Art

Beautiful Mess: Bokeh Nail Art


Polish used:

Sinful Colors Snow Me White
Sinful Colors Pistache
LA Colors Electra
LA Colors Atomic

So what do you think? Have you done a good manicure/nail art job recently? Share in the comments below.

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