It is done

I have now moved 15 times in my life.

Am I crazy for this? Some would think so, but pretty much all of the moves could not be helped. It wasn’t like I just felt like moving to a new location. When I was younger, there were a few times it was due to my dad getting a job transfer or a new job. Later in life, it was more due to financial reasons.

I created a fun filled map of places I’ve lived over on Google Maps. Ok, so maybe it’s not fun filled, but it does show all the states and cities within that I’ve lived.

For the most part this last move was fairly easy. 98% of my things were already boxed up, they just needed to be moved from my friends house in Manteca to my mom’s here in Stockton. Of course because of my health issues, I couldn’t really do anything. A couple weeks ago my brother and one of his friend’s helped me out by going to one of my friends that lives in a nearby city and picked up a twin bed for me. I had asked on facebook if anybody knew of someone selling or giving one away and they offered it to me. After they brought the bed back to my mom’s and set it up in the room, they went to my friend’s place and put about half my stuff in the truck and brought it over. Yesterday my brother and I went back to the house (each driving our own cars so we had lots of room for boxes) and got the rest of my stuff and he brought it all inside (or put it in the garage) for me. He is a wonderful brother.

Alright, time to decide if I should eat some dinner or keep watching Criminal Minds. Decisions, decisions.

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