Friday Five

I posted this last year, but I find it funny so I’m posting it again.

Friday the 13th

And now for a little Friday 5.

  1. When you were a kid, what car(s) did your parents have? My mom used to have a grey station wagon and then got a white mini-van. I can’t remember the make/model of either though. My dad had… I don’t even remember.
  2. When you were old enough to drive, did you inherit any of your parents’ old cars, share your parents’ car(s), get a secondhand one by yourself, other? Not right away, but a few years after I got my license my dad was ready to get himself a new car so I got his old one. It was a white 1993 Pontiac Grand Am. Before I got that car though, I either borrowed my mom’s mini-van or the Pontiac from my dad.
  3. Have you ever been in an accident in a private vehicle when driving? When a passenger? Never as a passenger, but when I was the driver I was going to pick up my brother from little league practice and I hit one of those huge blue garbage dumpsters with the front side fender of my mom’s mini-van. In my defense, I’d had my license for less than a week and the sun was in my eyes.
  4. What’s your least-favourite driving manouvre? (eg reverse-parking) Parallel parking! Unless there is at least a full car length of empty space in front of or behind the space I want, I pretty much refuse to even attempt to get into that space. On the few chances I have had to get into that space, it took me forever. A little bit forward, a little back, forward, back.
  5. If you could change or make one road rule, what would it be? What penalty would you impose for non-compliance? I cannot stand it when people do not use their blinker’s. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. I’m slightly less pissy about it when someone is in the turn lane (and it’s a turn only lane and not a straight or turn lane), but for changing lanes, turning the corner, etc… USE A BLINKER! I think a good penalty for not using your blinker would be a good beheading! haha Ok, maybe not. I guess an additional charge on your car insurance would be good. You’re not really be a safe driver by not using your blinker, so it would make sense that the fee goes on there. How they would know who needs that added fee or not though, I don’t know.

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