Blogging Challenge… Day 29

29. Where have you travelled?

I’ve been to both DisneyLand and DisneyWorld 1 time each.  Around 1991 for DW and 1995 for DL.

I’ve been to the airport in New Jersey and saw the Statue of Liberty from the windows. It was a long layover and I was bored. lol

I’ve been to Los Angeles 3 times.

I’ve been to Las Vegas twice. The first time I was there less than 48 hours and the second was for about 5 days to celebrate my brother’s 21st birthday.

I went to Pismo Beach once for Spring Break with a couple friends. I think that was in the year 2000.

I’ve also been to Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Arizona, Florida, Windsor Canada, Indiana and of course California. Yes, I live in California now, but since I’d never been here before I moved here it kind of counts as traveling. Same as for when I moved from Michigan to Kentucky or from Kentucky to Ohio. 

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