So I had a bad day

I know that I have not posted the challenge posts from the 16th until today, but I had a totally valid reason. I was in the hospital. Starting on Thursday every time I walked, even in the slightest amount like 10 feet to the kitchen, I ended up completely out of breath with pain in my chest. Plus my ears would pop, but I found out later that had nothing to do with the other things going on, it was just a random other thing happening. The pain and my breathing would take roughly 2-4 minutes to begin getting back to normal. Then Thursday night, even when I hadn’t just been up to do anything, I was having the same pain feeling, just on a way smaller scale. I woke up Friday and it was all still going on, so by the end of the day I called 911 and got an ambulance to take me to the ER.

I was at my mom’s and she is still recovering from knee replacement surgery, so she can’t drive yet. So a fire truck and ambulance showed up and 6 people piled into the house from them. I got on the stretcher and was wheeled out to the ambulance, then 3 exits down the highway from my mom’s to the hospital. I got blood work done and a chest x-ray, and about 7 hours after calling 911 I was up on the 2nd floor in a room after being admitted. I had not eaten at all on Friday (because that would have meant having to move, which was way more painful than not eating. In fact, I didn’t even feel all that hungry), so once I was tucked into my hospital bed I asked if there was any way they could scrounge something up from the cafeteria, like a sandwich or whatever. Turns out the doctor had marked me as not being able to eat after midnight (like a Mogwai!) because they were planning to run a test on me the next morning so I couldn’t have anything to eat or drink in my system. And it was not even 15 past midnight, which means had I been admitted even 30 minutes earlier, I probably would’ve been able to get something. So I basically just went to sleep.

Woke up, at this point I was hungry, got a test done and was then allowed to eat some breakfast. Then got some more tests done. The doctors think it’s most likely that I had gotten a blood clot in my leg and it traveled up into one of my lungs. They can’t be 100% sure though because I’m a big girl and the CT machine wasn’t big enough. They started me on a blood thinner through an iv drip (and I also got antibiotics through another iv drip for another issue I was having that was not related to the clot.) So that was fun having one iv on the top of my hand and the other in the crook of my inner elbow. Luckily they were both on my right hand/arm, so I still had a hand free. I mean, I still used my right hand, but at least they both weren’t “tied” down. I almost got to come home on Monday, but there was some delay with getting my prescriptions done, so instead I came back to my mom’s yesterday afternoon.

I’ve got a new prescription to add into my daily meds and also am going to start taking some vitamins to increase some other levels I already knew were low. And I’m hoping to catch up on the missed challenge posts by the weekend, along with the current days needing to be done.

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