Blogging Challenge… Day 15

15. Timeline of your day

My day’s are pretty low-key and there’s not really a set schedule for them either. Here’s a run down of my day while I’m here at my mom’s.

I basically wake up when I want to. My mom gets up around 6am, comes out to the living room and watches tv. I sleep in the same living room, but I sleep with a blanket wrapped around my eyes to keep out the light so even if I start to stir awake I can usually get myself back to sleep, but I’m usually up for good between 9 and 11am.

Either a nurse or an in-home Physical Therapist had been coming over about twice a week to check on my mom, but their last day’s were these past 2 days. Tomorrow my mom starts out-patient PT so I’ll be taking her to that. Then next week she she’ll start going twice a week, plus she has an appointment with her Ortho surgeon. So 3 of my days next week will partly be driving my mom to those appointments. I also have to get new x-rays done on my knees and back. I don’t have an appointment, though I could make one, but with 3 other appointments to drive to I’m not sure I want to add in a 4th.

No set times for lunch or dinner, just whenever I feel hungry. I have been going to sleep between 1 and 2 lately, whenever I get tired.

So that’s my exciting day. lol When I’m back at my place, my days are almost the same. I either stay in my room all day or I go to Starbucks with my laptop and stay in the lobby for a (long) while.

Now it’s time for me to get ready for bed, gather up my blankets, watch a bit more tv and pass out. My feet and chest have put me through the ringer today, which is nuts cause I haven’t even done anything.

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