Blogging Challenge… Day 14

14. If you won the lottery…

If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do is take a pile of cash and make it rain all over my room.

Parks and Rec

I’d also figure out how much I could freely spend while still saving some for a rainy day. If I won the big one, like enough millions that it’ll last for the rest of my life, I have a bunch of things I would like to do.

  • I’d pay off any debt I have.
  • Upgrade myself to a new car.
  • Fix my living situation (depending on where I currently was would depend on how much needed fixing)
  • Help out my mom. Depends on what she needs, but something like a new (or at least newer) car, fix her living situation.
  • A trip to Michigan for my mom and I (maybe include my brother & sister) to visit family and friends.
  • Maybe another trip to… somewhere? Don’t know yet.
  • I’ve got another thing I want to do, medical wise, that if I had the funds I’d be willing to pay for out of pocket.

Those are all the “must do’s” if I won the lotto. There are other things I have in mind, but it just depends on my relationship with the people it involves on whether they would get done.

What would you do if you won?

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