Blogging Challenge… Day 13

13. What is your earliest memory?


That is a hard question for me to answer. I “remember” stuff that happened to me when I was little, but I think it’s because I have just heard the stories so much. So I’m not actually remembering from my own memory of the event, but rather from the retelling.

Like there’s the time when I was about 3 when my parents and I were at the beach with a bunch of friends and I was playing at the shoreline in the sand when a big wave came in and washed over me. Before my parents could really react, the wave went back and there I was still playing in the sand. This is totally in my memory from it being retold to me.

This next one is from my actual memory and I was about 4. My parents went on a trip to Hawaii and left my sister and I with a babysitter. This nice old woman came to stay with us and one of the nights was her normal night to do something… bowling, play bridge, I don’t remember what. Anyway since she still wanted to go, her granddaughter came and babysat us that night. I remember her having long brown hair in a ponytail and making my sister and I laugh by swinging it around. Just like now, even back then I was amused by everything. haha

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