Blogging Challenge… Day 8

8. What’s in your handbag?

Oh we don’t really want to go through this now do we? My purse is a huge mess at the moment. Because I’ve been staying with my mom I basically threw a bunch of the things I would need while I was here into my purse. I’m actually back home right now. I drove back last night so that I could spend a few nights sleeping on a bed instead of reclining horribly on a sofa. My feet/ankles are swollen from the way I’ve been sleeping so I needed to sleep on a bed to bring the size back down. I’m going back to my mom’s on Sunday though, where I’ll sure they’ll swell right back up by Tuesday.

Anyway, onto my purse.

I always have my wallet, coupon organizer, makeup bag, lotion, pill bottle (not the prescription ones you can see), mail I’ve recently gotten and need to take care of (I can keep better track of it by keeping it in my purse), papers I need, old receipts, lip balm, and my keys in my purse. Some of these things you can see in the last 2 pictures and some you cannot.

Beautiful Mess: My Purse May 2014

Beautiful Mess: My Purse May 2014

Beautiful Mess: My Purse May 2014

See what I mean? Huge mess.

To prove that my purse can actually look organized and decent, here’s a pic I shared on Instagram back in February.

Beautiful Mess: My Clean Purse

Someday I may do a better version of this post and actually take everything out and share with pictures, but today is not that day.

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