What’s Up Is Down

My mom’s knee replacement surgery was last week Monday and it went well. She was able to come home from the hospital on Wednesday and I’ve been here at her house since then to help when I can. I can only do so much because of my own pain issues, but if she needs her ice pack (or needs it put back in the freezer), wants something to drink, etc I can get it for her. Even though I can only do a little, her boyfriend isn’t doing anything. UGH. He wants me to go home, but if I go he still won’t help my mom so she wants me to stay. And I’m hurting myself by staying because I’m sleeping on the sofa at night, on the recliner seat, but the footrest is broken so it’s not as high as it should be. Meaning that the bottom half of my lower legs don’t get support all night. I put a pillow on the foot rest to help, but I have to keep my right leg bent to keep it on the pillow and my leg will go straight while I sleep. So since last Friday my feet have been swollen and my ankles have now gotten into the mix. Plus my mom is somehow an early riser (she is not a morning person, yet she wakes up around 6am) so I’m only averaging about 3-6 hours of sleep a night. So I suffer, but I love my mom so I deal with it as best I can.


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