Almost finished?

I “test drove” at least 5 themes before coming back around to the one I was using when my site went splat. All the rest didn’t have the look I wanted (i.e. not enough columns) and some of them were layouts and I’m sure there’s a way to use them on WP, I wasn’t up to taking the time to figure it out right now.

I changed up the header *points up*, changed the link colors, gotten Filezilla to work for me again (which wasn’t working due to a separate issue than what broke down WP), and semi-got my head around what else I need to do. I was most stressing about all the posts I’d done between the beginning of November and earlier this month. I could think of some posts I wanted to “redo”, but most I couldn’t remember. But then I remembered that I get an email every time I post. The email only includes an excerpt of the post, but it should be enough to remember what it was about and if it was enough to re-post. Obviously posts about what I did Christmas Eve will not be redone, but a post with recipe links would get redone. I’ve got more to do that just that *looks at bareness of the sidebars*, but it’s all coming together pretty well I think.

Oh and you might also notice that although the “you might like” related post thing is up, it doesn’t always lead to an actual post. I’m not sure why it’s coming up with posts that are no longer posted, but they are.

My mom had her knee replacement surgery yesterday and will be going home either tomorrow or Thursday. I’m hoping for Thursday just so she can get some more full time care and get her walking improved. She got a walker to use at home, but if she’s having trouble walking it won’t do her much good.

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