UGH with a double HELL

UGH! My last post (before this one) shows as being from the end of October instead of being from just a week or so ago. My site got hit by some exploit thing and basically deleted itself. My installation of WordPress was completely gone (but all the files were still there in the file manager). So I had to re-install WP, but the last backup I did of my posts and everything was back the end of October (which, duh, is why that’t the last post). I’m trying to copy those files into the new folders made, but so far I haven’t seen a change.

I’m going to try and redo all the posts I can that would still be relevant. I haven’t decided yet what counts as relevant though.

eta: Since I have to do a major restore anyway (re-install plugins, get them in the right order, change fonts and colors, etc) I figure I may as well change some stuff completely. Which means until I decide on some things, this site might be kind of bare for a bit. If I just started working on it and worked straight through till I was finished it probably wouldn’t take that long, but my mom is having knee replacement surgery on Monday morning so it’s been crazy and stressful around here. So we’ll see how things go.

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