I love BuzzFeed!

So I’m addicted to BuzzFeed and all the things they post. I probably scroll through at least once per day and read page after page. These are my current favorite things going around BuzzFeed.

24 Times Jim Gaffigan Tweeted The Truth About Food

Proof That “The Walking Dead” And “Toy Story” Have The Same Plot. If you’re not caught up and ready for the new season, don’t read because it contains spoilers.

9 Reasons to love Tim Hortons. aka Reasons I want to visit a Tim Hortons. Obviously being in California I don’t live near one and it makes me sad. I don’t even live near a Dunkin Donuts for goodness sake!

Pants are the enemy!

Creepy Buffy the Vampire Slayer bad guys. I love pretty much anything involving Buffy.

Sloths! #20 is adorable. The dude just wants carrots and nothing else.

This last one isn’t from BuzzFeed, but I think it’s just awesome. It’s The Pixar Theory and it’s about how the Pixar films from Toy Story onward are related to each other.

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