Six Degrees of…

How many degrees are you separated from your favorite celebrity?

I am 5 degrees from Lance Bass.

Lance Bass. Favorite *NSYNC memeber. Loved him when I thought he was straight. Love him now that he’s come out. Love him and his new fiance Michael. Slightly obsessed with him, but in a good way, not in the “I feel the need to shift through his garbage and see what he ate for dinner 2 nights ago” way.

And this is how it goes –

born to my mother
went to high school with Denny
whose son is Bryan Greenberg
who was in A Short History of Decay (2013)
with Emmanuelle Chriqui
who was in On The Line (2001)
with Lance Bass

Yes? Yes!

And yes, I realize how big of a nerd? dork? weirdo? this makes me.

Though, if actually meeting the person counts as a degree, then I am only 1 degree from Lance because I met him in 2007. And I’ve met JC too, so that would be 2 degrees. Either way, it kind of cracks me up that someone I know of through real life (I’ve never met Bryan or his mom, just know about them through my mom) is “bacon related” to someone I’m a fan of.

What started this whole “how am I separated from Lance” thing? This article on Just Jared about Bryan and Emmanuelle being at their movie premiere together. Well not together together as in a couple, just as in they were each there with their boy/girlfriends and took pictures together.

If you go to you can see the separation between any actor/actress and Kevin Bacon. You can also take out Kevin’s name and put in another actor/actress for the separation between those 2 people. And you can use that info to find out the degrees of separation between yourself and your favorite celebrity.

So find your degrees and share in the comments.

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