It’s October!?

So the 30 day blogging challenge is over. I know that I didn’t post anything other than each day’s challenge post, but I’m proud of myself for going the entire 30 days. I think my main problem with posting on my own is not knowing what to say. I want a blog, but I don’t have a husband or kids or a job so my life is fairly boring. What I should do is blog about the people I see when I’m sitting at Starbucks. lol There are some real interesting people that come in sometimes.

Pretty much the only new thing going on with me is that I’ve added more people to my family tree. As in I’ve added relatives, not that there’s been a marriage or babies. lol It’s currently at 1156 people. I have access to the tree that my aunt started a couple years ago and still adds to occasionally so I have been copying people from that tree over to the one I’m doing and filling in blanks (birth/death dates and whatnot) as I come across them. I really need to get a paid subscription to so that I can go through all the hints for people and view other trees and everything. Right now it’s $150 for a 6 month subscription for the World Explorer “package”. Which I need since I’ve got people I need to find from outside the US.

Here’s a thought… why does my smartphone go down in battery (as in the amount I have left) when I’m charging it? I started charging the phone when it was at 29% and now it’s at 17%. WTF. It totally baffles me. I can’t tell if it’s the charger, the USB port or what that’s causing the issue.

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