Bad Things Happen

I don’t think I’ve ever talked about this since it happened, at least not online. In 1997 I started my Senior year of high school. It started off in August on a good note, then in mid-September things took a turn. A friend of mine who had graduated that June was in a car accident and died. Then in October, the 2nd, today to be exact, another friend was in a car accident and passed away. This girl was in my first period class with me and it was awful. Her friend that had been in the car with her passed away 2 weeks later. Then right after Christmas another friend died, supposedly of suicide, but I still can’t believe that. So one graduate, 2 Seniors and 1 Sophomore died between September and December. Like the post title says “bad things happen”.

After the passing at the beginning of October every time the morning announcements started I would get a little worried they were going to give us more bad news. When the first 2 passed away, they had either the first period teacher or one of the counselors come into class to tell the Seniors. I knew about the Sophomore because a family friend was in one of my classes and found out from him about her. The guy in December died over Christmas break and nothing was said about him at all when classes started up again. Luckily the bad luck passed and no more students passed away for the rest of the school year.

If I wanted to go even further with the bad news of that time, I could add in that the previous November (in 1996) a Senior from another high school in town passed away from Cancer. He had gone to my high school his Sophomore year, but went back to the other school for his Junior and Senior years after finding out he had Cancer his Sophomore year. Then in June (of 1997) the husband of my English teacher passed away from a heart attack.

It was pretty bad that every time we started to relax, we heard that someone else passed away.

eta: I can’t believe I forgot this part. It’s one of the main things that keep me remembering those who passed. The girl who died at the beginning of October was a girly girl and into sparkles and glitter and the guy who died in December was a big Star Trek fan. Sometime within a year after they passed, I was at Wal-Mart and they had this display of lipstick/gloss that had glitter in it. And when I saw it my first thought was “oh wow, H is going to love this stuff”. And then my second thought was about how she wouldn’t be able to enjoy it because she’d passed away. Like when I first thought of her, my mind forgot she was no longer with us. Then within a few months of that incident (and I actually can’t remember which was came first) another one happened. My sister and I went to the movies and one of the previews was for a new Star Trek movie and again I thought “Oh E is going to go nuts when he sees this” and then remembered he couldn’t. Stuff like that still happens, except it’s more like “would love this” instead of “is going to love this”.

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