Blogging Challenge… Day 27

Day 27: Photo of your city.

I’ve got 6 photos for you and I didn’t take any of them. I was originally going to take quick shots with my camera phone, but couldn’t figure out what to take pics of. Even googling for pictures didn’t get me very much.

Before the pictures, I thought I would give you some other “fun” facts about Manteca. First off, Manteca is Spanish for LARD. So basically I live in Lard, California. The town was founded in 1861. We have a population of roughly 68,000 people. For being such a small town there are 6 high schools and 21 elementary schools. There are some (somewhat) famous people from Manteca. The singer/rapper Dev and Lindsey Pavao (contestant on season 2 of The Voice) both went to high school here in Manteca. My brother graduated a year after both of them, kind of knew of them, but they didn’t all run in the same circles.


Pic #1. Main Street. Or more like an intersection on Main Street and another street.



Pic #2. Mural of what Main Street used to look like around when it was incorporated in 1918. This mural is located on the side wall of the building all the way on the left in the first pic.



Pic #3. This mural represents the 100th anniversary of the rotary club.



Pic #4. This mural goes on further, but I couldn’t find a picture of the whole thing. I’m not sure if the buildings in the mural are displays of actual buildings in town in that time period (like in the 2nd pic), but I do know that the movie American Graffiti takes place in Modesto, which is about 25 or so miles from Manteca, so this mural and that go together.



Pic #5. This mural shows a view of Yosemite National Park, showing Half Dome and the Merced River. Yosemite is a little more than 2 hours from Manteca. San Francisco is about 75 miles east of here also. You can also get to Los Angeles or Las Vegas within a day’s drive. Manteca is basically in the middle of a lot of bigger (sometimes better) places.



Pic #6. This mural showcases Manteca’s role as one of the largest pumpkin growing areas in the country. There is a huge pumpkin patch near here and for the month of October they have this huge corn maze and some other attractions.


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