Blogging Challenge… Day 26

Day 26: Your Dream Wedding.

Of course I have a Wedding board onĀ Pinterest. It’s nowhere near complete (as in I don’t have at least 1 pin for everything that needs to be done/purchased), but it has starting-ish points. I don’t go looking for wedding pins, I just see them as they come though my feed.

I used to have a box where I kept wedding ideas I liked. It was mostly pages ripped from magazines. I have no idea what happened to it as I haven’t seen it in a few years, but I think it ended up getting thrown out when I moved in April. I started that box so long ago though and I’m so far from getting married, my tastes have probably changed from what I liked in that box anyhow.

As for knowing what I want (currently) for my wedding, it’s hard to say. I would take input from my husband to be and because of that I wouldn’t want to plan it all out now, find him and then have to change and give up what I’d grown to look forward to. Does that make sense?

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