Blogging Challenge… Day 23

Day 23: Favorite Movies and TV Show.

Honestly, it could take me all day to name all the shows and movies I love. I can never have just one favorite. Colors, books, websites, movies, tv shows, musical artists, songs, etc… there are at least 3 for each.

TV shows: I tried to narrow this down as much as I could, but out of all the shows I’m planning to watch this coming season these are my favorites.

2 Broke Girls
Big Bang Theory
Criminal Minds
Grey’s Anatomy
Pretty Little Liars
Vampire Diaries
The Walking Dead

If I had to narrow this down to a top 3, I’d have to go with Criminal Minds, Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy. But if you asked me my top 3 in 10 minutes, it might change. lol

My favorite movies change throughout the year as I see new ones and other’s just fall off the list.

Final Destination (all of them)
Fast and the Furious (all of them)
Mean Girls
How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days
On The Line
House of Wax
Simply Irresistible
No Strings Attached
Sleeping Beauty

Movies: For the Final Destination and Fast & Furious series, I love each series as a whole. Oh and yes, that Sleeping Beauty is the Disney one and the House of Wax is the one with Paris Hilton. I was rooting for her to live even though I knew it wasn’t going to happen. lol

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