Blogging Challenge… Day 19

Day 19: Things you want to say to an ex.

You are not all that. You do not know everything. You were (and probably still are) a momma’s boy. Learn to say no to your mom. I hope you have stopped pouting like a child when you lose at video games.  Mostly importantly, learn to defend the people you love.*

There are probably a ton of other things I could say to him too, but I think everything would just go over his head and he wouldn’t listen to any of it.


*One day he mentions to me that his mom thought I was abusing his son. His son was about 3 at the time and there is no way I would ever have hurt that boy. I loved him as if he were my own. I asked my ex if he defended me to his mom and he said no. He never once went against anything she said, no matter what it was.

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