Blogging Challenge… Day 14

Day 14: A picture of you last year – how have you changed?


 I took this picture last year near the end of September, so almost a year ago exactly. I’ve never shown it to anyone before either. Sometime within the month before taking the picture I cut off pretty much all of my hair. It had been long, past my shoulders, but it was unhealthy. It got tangled all the time, like those horrible knots you have nightmares about. I looked into getting it deep conditioned and other tricks like that to help, but they would have cost way more than I could afford to spend. My only option at that point was to either continue trying to get it all untangled and then deep condition it myself or to cut it off and start over. I chose the latter. I took a pair of scissors to it, then attacked it with a hair trimmer using the 1/2″ blade. My hair grows really fast, so it is already to my shoulders and I can put it into a small ponytail.

Other than my hair, nothing else about me physically or looks wise has changed.

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