Blogging Challenge… Day 13

Day 13: Goals.

  • Get a job (hopefully within the next 3 months).
  • Get my own apartment. I’d like to be moved out of my friends within 6 months of starting a new (permanent, meaning not temp) job.
  • Pay off my debts. This includes money owed to creditors (which is under $500) and to family & friends (which totals over $6000). I have no timeline for this since the amount of time it would take will depend on how much I make per hour at my job.
  • Have enough money in a Savings account to live off of for a minimum of 3 months. Meaning all bills and expenses are covered from money in that account and I don’t have to ask anyone for extra.

I put little timelines in for the first 2, but really I am not going to kick myself if it doesn’t happen. I don’t need the added stress of being like “omg there’s only 2 weeks left until those 3 months are up!” Just thinking of doing that to myself gives me a migraine.

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